An All-English Preschool in Yokohama.
English classes for 2 years old to elementary school age.


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Sunrise Kids International School

Sunrise Kids International School Yokohama

Eiken level 4 at age5!!

─Visiting and Enrollment Inquiries─
045- 620- 2490 Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-6:00pm
Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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About Parents' Page

The parents' page allows parents to communicate with our school and offers several other services as well.

Service.01School Notifications

At Sunrise we employ a paperless notification system for both environmental and privacy purposes. Please check here regularly for updates and notifications from the school.

School Notifications

▲School Notifications

Service.02This Week's Activities

Shows children's records for the week. Records are broken down on a daily basis and include materials such as the child's attitude, how well the child did in events/activities, etc.

This Week's Activities

▲This Week's Activities

Service.04Leave Us a Note

The communication log is how we tell parents about any changes in the child's health or anything we've noticed. It also allows parents to communicate anything regarding English, situations outside of school, etc.
We will look at any and all communication sent, so please tell us if you have any concerns.

Leave Us a Note

▲Leave Us a Note

Service.05Parent notification

Materials such as information about childcare cost, body measurement results, etc. will sent directly to parents.

Parent notification

▲Parent notification

Service.06Network Camera

Every classroom is equipped with a surveillance camera. Parents may log in to monitor and hear what's happening in the rooms.

  • ▼Sunflower room

    Sunflower room
  • ▼Clover room

    Clover room
  • ▼Violet room

    Violet room
  • ▼Daisy room

    Daisy room

Service.07School Lunch Order System

We will start from December a simple lunch ordering service on school lunch section of the parents'page.

▼Photos of boxed lunches

Photos of boxed lunches

▼Photos of boxed lunches

Photos of boxed lunches

▼Weekly menu sample

●Mon., Oct. 26.
  • Chicken nugget
  • Ham cheese piccata
  • Bean jam donut
  • Egg rolled sandwich
●Tue., Oct. 27.
  • Fried chicken
  • Thick omelet
  • Napolitan spaghetti
  • Sweet potato salad
●Wed., Oct. 28.
  • Sankaku kinuatsuage
  • Sakura senbonduke
  • Oyakodon
  • Mini kakidaihuku
●Thu., Oct. 29.
  • Amazu nikudango
  • Dashimaki omelette
  • Amaendo saute
  • Furikake rice
  • Fruits
●Fri., Oct. 30.
  • Hamburg
  • Fukujinduke
  • Sweet beef curry
  • Potato salad
We offer a handmade special meal every day. Menu may change slightly depending on what foods and ingredients we have available.

▼School lunch ordering screen

School lunch ordering screen

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