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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Lesson & Events


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our monthly blog of November!

On November we usually celebrate fall, gratitude, crunchy leaves, golden light, and Thanksgiving. And Yes! This time we had the Thanksgiving party!

Even with all the chaos 2020 has presented us with, there is still so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here are to another year of giving thanks for all of the wonderful blessings our Sunrise Kids has experienced.

Music Time! 


For the music time, we chose “I am a pizza”, “Five fat turkeys”, and “Chicken dance” as our monthly songs




We had Bowling and Pin the feathers games. A new perspective on just how grateful we are for the simplest of things to enjoy and celebrate.


Pin The Feathers!




Bowling Game!













The Thanksgiving Dinner!


It’s finally the moment we’d been waiting for. Whether we’re not the one who cooking all day, but we’re honoring the hard-working chefs who made the fabulous mashed potatoes for all of us to have. Thank you!




Thanksgiving Presentation!


The Thanksgiving presentation by the Fluttery kids! While many are still struggling this Thanksgiving, but we hope you all are able to take a moment and practice some gratitude for all the lessons 2020 has brought us. We all have so much to be thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We know this year has been rough, but we see your strength and wish you all the best this Thanksgiving.

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