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講師紹介 Our Teachers

いつも明るく、元気いっぱいなSunrise Kids International Schoolの先生

Sunrise Kids International Schoolでは、こんな先生がお子様の来園をお待ちしています!

Ms. Aoi
Ms. Aoi
Ms. Satomi
Ms. Satomi
Ms. Mina
Ms. Mina
Mr. Steven
Mr. Steven
Mr. Martin
Mr. Martin
Mr. Justin
Mr. Justin

【園長】 Ms. Aoi

Ms. AoiHello Everyone! I'm Aoi Sakurai.
After working as a flight attendant for 10 years, I became a stay-at-home mother for about 6 years. Then I taught English classes to students of various ages, from kindergarteners to middle school children. I really enjoy teaching English because it is a beautiful language to speak and listen to.

Many parents worry, “Can young children who come from a Japanese-speaking household switch to an English environment?” Children are very flexible and can easily adapt to an environment where they speak only Japanese at home, but only English at school.

I think inevitably, most companies will require employees to speak English at work, so it is a great advantage for children to learn English from such a young age. It is said that the critical age for children to acquire language skills is 7 years old or younger, so I believe it is wonderful for children to begin their English learning as early as possible.

こんにちは! 桜井 あおいと申します。



保育士登録番号:神奈川県-900340 ページトップへ

【主任保育士】Ms. Satomi

Ms. SatomiHi there! My name is Satomi Suzuki.I`m super happy that I can work at an international school.I`ve been improving my English since junior high because I like to know many things about the entire world.
I like outdoor sports and usually enjoy in hiking the mountains, camping, and cycling. I also played volleyball for 10 years, starting in elementary school.I worked at a daycare center for over 4 years then I moved to the US to be an Au pair (a Nanny living with host family). I took care of triplet boys while staying with an awesome American family for 2 years in New Jersey.I learned how to give discipline to kids in various ways and a whole lot more about child care. Also, I was able to experience authentic Western events like Christmas, Easter and so on. And most importantly, I made friends from all over the world!!
It`s not too much to say that child care is very important in my life. It makes my life feel worthwhile, and I can grow as a teacher along with the kids.
I want kids to be interested in life and events from all over the world through learning and communicating in English. And, of course, I want to share big smiles and exciting times here at Sunrise Kids!!


私は学生の頃からとにかく海外の事を知るのが大好きで、その架け橋となる英語の上達に努めて参りました。 アウトドアが大好きで、登山やキャンプ、サイクリングを楽しんでいます。スポーツはバレーボールを10年間やっていました。以前は認可保育園で4年勤務の後、アメリカへ渡り、オペアという住み込みベビーシッターのプログラムに参加。ニュージャージー州の素敵な家族と2年間暮らしながら、その家の三つ子のお世話を経験しました。 アメリカでは毎日が新鮮で、ユニークな保育やしつけ等、日本では味わえないことをたくさん学ぶことができ、本場のクリスマスやイースターなどの行事も経験。世界中の友達もできました。

私にとって保育は生きがいと言っても過言ではありません。保育をしながら子ども達と一緒に成長していけるこの仕事は本当にやりがいがあります。持ち前の明るさと今までの経験を生かしながら、毎日楽しくお子さん達と保育していきたいと思っています。 そして、英語を通して、お子さん達が世界に目を向け、起きている様々なことに興味を持って欲しいと願っています。

保育士登録番号:神奈川県-038438 ページトップへ

Ms. Mina

Ms. MinaHello!! My name is Mina Nakaibayashi.My hobby is traveling. I like going to new places. I became interested in English at all, and couldn't communicate while traveling.I worked for 6 years at a childcare center in Yokohama.
I looked after children from 0 to 5 years old. It was my childhood dream to become a nursery school teacher.
I wanted to support children as their dreams came true, as well as challenge myself with new things, so I decided to go on exchange.So I went to Australia and stayed for 1 year. I studied English at language school, after I worked at cafe with Australian. I lived with a host family; it was so much fun. I felt that I would like to work at a childcare center and I would like to use English with kids.
I am so happy to be working at Sunrise!!I would like to have a lot of experiences with kids, as well as understand the kids feelings and grow together. Let't fun! Thank you.





保育士登録番号:神奈川-057713 ページトップへ

Ms. Yuri

Ms. YuriHello,my name is Yuri. When I was a child, I played with smaller kids than me, so I decided early that I will be a childcare professional. Finally, I worked in kindergarten for 5 years,there were children's growth and many unexpected and interesting things, it was rewarding to work in childcare. After retirement, I thought that I wanted to try new things, so I took the courage to go to Canada for the my first time abroad. I couldn't speak English, but I enjoyed communicating with various country people, and I became used to spending time in an English-speaking environment. When I went to Canada, I was very nervous but I decided that I could use English during childcare at Sunrise. Also I think that children want to try ,lots of things. I want to be a childcare giver that gives courageous advice to children. I want to grow together with our loved children.




保育士登録番号:東京都-078724 ページトップへ

Ms. Yukika

Ms. YukikaHello! My name is Yukika Ban. I am very thrilled to have the opportunity to teach all the kids in Sunrise!

First, please let me introduce myself. During my childhood, I lived in Detroit, Michigan for six years and went to kindergarten and elementary school and learned English. After those years, I came back to Japan. However, I wanted to become a "bridge" which connects Japan and other countries, so I chose to study abroad again.
In university, I met lots of students with big future goals which made my days very inspiring. Also, I studied second language development for children and learned the infinite possibilities they have. This experience made my future goal to become an English teacher.
After graduation, I worked as a SE and technical support; however, I have decided to start my dream career.

English will be a very important tool to communicate with people from all over the world and will give the kids lots of chances to achieve their future goals.
I hope I can help Sunrise kids to be brave and strong enough to achieve. In addition, I love to dance, so I'm excited to dance with the kids in future events! Thank you!

こんにちは!伴 雪香と申します。この度、サンライズの一員になることになりました。サンライズの子どもたちと一緒にお勉強できることをとても光栄に思っております。




Mr. Steven

Mr. StevenHello, everyone! I'm Mr. Steven, it's a pleasure to meet you!
I am from a small town in England called Dover. I live a very active and fun life. For starters, I work at Sunrise Kids! It's one of the most fun parts of my life. I enjoy a wide variety of sports like, running, calisthenics and football (soccer). Some of my favourite places to go, in Japan, are the free-to-use athletic parks with exercise equipment and running tracks, particularly Sagamisansen park, in Ebina.
Other than sports, I thoroughly enjoy embracing the Japanese culture by attending festivals in traditional, Japanese clothes like, jinbei or yukatta and praying at shrines and temples.As for teaching, I truly believe that the children are the future, and with the rapid growth of English being used all around the world, for non-English speakers to learn English will greatly increase their prospects and also expose them to another culture to develop them and prepare them for the smaller world that we now inhabit. So I am very privileged to have the opportunity to teach all the kids at Sunrise! Let's have fun!

私は毎日、日本語を勉強していますが、英語は日本語と文法などがまったく違うので日本人が英語を学ぶ事は難しい事だと感じました。英語は、世界中で使われています。英語が話せれば世界中の人達とコミュニケーションがとれます。私はサンライズキッズで子供達に英語を教える事を光栄に思っています。皆さん 一緒に楽しみましょう! ページトップへ

Mr. Martin

Mr. MartinHello everyone! My name is Mr. Martin. It's wonderful to meet you all! I'm from the Great Southern Land ? Australia! The land of Kangaroos, Koalas, Crocodiles and the Great Barrier Reef. Before joining Sunrise Kids, I worked as a novelist, film and television writer, and I have a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Drama and Master of Arts in Literature. As well as loving Drama and storytelling, I also love long-distance running and Rugby Union (go the Wallabies!) and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work at Sunrise Kids. In an increasingly globalized world, I firmly believe that it is the bilingual citizens of the world, those who can communicate across cultures and languages, that become will some of the most valued members of our society. By working (and having fun!) at Sunrise Kids, I hope I can help all our wonderful students achieve this!

ますます国際化が進む社会において、さまざまな国の文化を理解し、情報交換するためにはバイリンガルであることはとても重要です。Sunrise Kidsの子供たちが世界で活躍できる大人に成長することを心から望みます。みなさんにお会いできるのを楽しみにしております。 ページトップへ

Mr. Justin

Mr. JustinI am from Kentucky, which is in the United States. I love playing video games and watching comedy movies. My favorite hobby is making video games at home. Before I moved to Japan, I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii where I went to college at Hawaii Pacific University and studied computer programming. Afterwards, I moved to Japan and started teaching English, science and math to students. I love teaching and seeing students use what I taught them in class. Working at Sunrise Kids is always fun and seeing the children laugh while learning is always the best!

日本に来る前は、ハワイのホノルルに住んでいました。ハワイパシフィク大学でコンピューターのプログラミングを勉強しました。日本に来てからは、英語とサイエンスと算数を教えていました。私は教えることが好きです。サンライズキッズでは、子供たちと毎日楽しく過ごしています。 ページトップへ

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