An All-English Preschool in Yokohama.
English classes for 2 years old to elementary school age.


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Sunrise Kids International School

Sunrise Kids International School Yokohama

Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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045- 620- 2490 Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-6:00pm
Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private English lessons (ages 3 and up)

Private lessons are also available for Saturday school.
These lessons are man to man with a native.
Topics such as daily conversation, Eiken/other test preparation, or returnee education are possible.
Even if your child is going to juku or doing other activities, these lessons will fit well into any busy schedule.
Limited to 4 people. Interested parties should apply early to ensure a spot.

Features of Sunrise's private lessons

We interact with a wide range of ages

The target age is 3 to junior high school age

Convenient lesson times 40 minutes per lesson

Times may be discussed with a teacher in advance and then reserved.
Times are flexible and may be changed each week depending on your needs.

A wide assortment of topics

Goals and ability vary by person
Our teachers have lesson plans to meet all needs.
A counseling session will be held and the teaching materials will be discussed.

Reasonable prices 4 lessons are 18,000 yen a month

4,500 yen for a one on one lesson with a native is very reasonable.

Recommended for these kinds of children!
  • ●For children with busy schedules needing flexible lesson times
  • ●When group lessons aren't enough
  • ●When students aren't able to speak English with others
  • ●To ensure students who have lived overseas don't forget English
  • ●To get students whose family are moving overseas used to English in advance.

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