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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Eiken level 4 at age5!!


Eiken Results

Eiken Results

Eiken Jr. (formerly Children's Eiken)

Eiken Results

Eiken Jr., is a listening test that is presented to the child in the form of a challenge game. Designed to be more of a growing type of test, students do not pass or fail, but rather received a score of "BRONZE", "SILVER", or "GOLD" depending on the amount of correct answers. Quite a lot of students at Sunrise have taken this exam. The test can be taken on paper or online.

At Sunrise, we do not prepare students for the exam specifically using text. Since our kindergarten is an all English environment this allows the children to be immersed in a constant stream of English, naturally learning the words required to pass the exam. We have a strong track record compared to other kindergartens showing a higher percentage of correct answers on exams given to our students.

The Children's Eiken was renamed in April, 2015 to the "Eiken Jr."

What is Eiken?

The Eiken test is a practical English skills test, which is used to test candidates' English proficiency in Japan. Four skills are evaluated during the test. These include: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Students who well on the test also have an advantage during high school and college entrance examinations as students who do well on Eiken usually receive preferential treatment.

In addition, since the Eiken test consists of questions that utilize practical English used in the real world, language skills that can deal with all aspects of daily and business life, and it also enhances overall communication skills. Eiken is evaluated in seven grades. The chart below represents when each grade should be taken.

Level 5 Around junior high school (Beginner)
Level 4 Around junior high school (Intermediate)
Level 3 Around junior high school (Upper)
Level Pre-2 Around high school (Intermediate)
Level 2 Around high school (Upper)
Level Pre-1 Around university (Intermediate)
Level 1 Around university (Upper)

We have 5-year-olds that actually passed Eiken level 4!

Actual results for a 5 year old that passed the Eiken 4th Level! Actual results for a 5 year old that passed the Eiken 4th Level!

Ayumu, a student of Sunrise Kids Yokohama School, just passed the Eiken level 4 test (approximately junior high school intermediate level). Ayumu first started attending Sunrise at the age of 2, the first year our Yokohama school opened. He is now in his 4th year of admissions and part of our 5-year-old class (senior class). This wonderful achievement is the culmination of enthusiastic and caring teachers and Ayumu's own hard work.

Sunrise Kids educational philosophy and policies are not aimed with having good grades in English schools, but rather the advancement of English as a tool to promote interpersonal communication, to allow our students to become citizens of the world in contact with others which they share, and communicate their thoughts and feelings with effectively.

Although passing the Eiken test is not the final goal of our school, it is an indicator that allows parents of children and even Sunrise teachers to measure the child's experience and degree of competence in English. Following Ayumu into the future, we will continue to lead the children of Sunrise Kids.

Eiken Results


  • BRONZE:4 people
  • SILVER:4 people
  • GOLD:3 people
  • Eiken grade5:2 people


  • BRONZE:15 people
  • SILVER:7 people
  • GOLD:8 people


  • BRONZE:3 people
  • SILVER:2 people
  • GOLD:3 people


  • BRONZE:3 people
  • SILVER:1 person
  • GOLD: -


  • BRONZE:3 people
  • SILVER:1 person
  • GOLD:-

Eiken Eiken

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