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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Lesson & Events


Hello everyone and welcome to the monthly blog for May!

This month is the best time to plant Marigold, Petunia and Tomatoes for the Caterpillars and Butterflies!


Gardening is amazing fun!  We like to plant and see the process in which the seeds develop into flowers and fruit.










Let’s learn about parts of a plant! (Flower, Leaf, Fruit, Stem and Root)



It’s really fun to do it together as a team.

IMG_4549 - コピー

Tomatoes needs plenty of sun to produce healthy fruit.




I love tomatoes!

They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K.

IMG_4549 - コピー





IMG_4398 IMG_4338 IMG_4331


IMG_4337 IMG_4394 IMG_4402 IMG_4405 IMG_4415 IMG_4423



We are TOMATOES pose!

We are looking to see how our plants grow! grow! grow!

Happy growing! Stay blooming & Healthy!


April 2021 – Welcome to Sunrise!

Hello everyone!


Welcome back to our monthly blog for April. This month’s blog is very special as we welcome everyone back and say hello to our new Sunrise Kids! It is also a month of many exciting new firsts for our new and, of course, older Sunrise kids.




The new Caterpillars were still nervous to join everyone at first but our Hungries and Butterflies were very warm and helpful to the new kids, and eventually made them feel at home.







It was also the new kids’ first time to join an Easter party, the Sunrise Kids way. The Hungries and Butterflies were very competitive hiding and looking for eggs in the Daisy and Clover room while the Littles were enjoying their Easter Hunt in the Sunflower room.

IMG_3568 IMG_3563 IMG_3560 IMG_3710 IMG_3718 IMG_3729



Of course, it wouldn’t be the Sunrise Kids Easter party without the special surprise gift from the Easter Bunny! Everyone was so happy to receive cute Easter stickers.




It was also the Shiny Butterflies’ first time to go to their pool and soccer lessons. Some were nervous and scared at first but eventually enjoyed the lessons and had a lot of fun!

IMG_3613 IMG_3622 IMG_3651 IMG_3983  IMG_4075 IMG_4099 IMG_4098 IMG_4129



Another first time for the new Fluttery Butterflies is turtle cleaning. Everyone was so brave grabbing the turtles and cleaning the tank!

IMG_3954 IMG_3950

IMG_3615 IMG_3612 IMG_3611


April was a really busy day for everyone, but it was also a lot of fun! We hope you had a fun, busy April too! And we’ll be seeing you next month. Bye!

March 2021 – Graduation!

Hello everyone and welcome to the final blog entry for the 2020 school year!

It’s been a year of fun, sadness and everything in between, so let’s hope that the following year can replicate such fantastic times!


As always, our final blog of the year follows the Fluttery Butterflies as they graduate and fly off to elementary school!



And here they are now!


All dressed up for their big day!


You can’t have a graduation ceremony without certificates.


A very proud boy with his graduation certificate.


Many beautiful words were spoken as the graduates delivered their speeches.


Following this, the graduates shared their journey from little caterpillars to B.I.G, Big Butterflies!


I once was two but now I’m three! I’m as big as I can be!


Then the Shiny Butterflies sang their farewell song, “Bye Butterfly.”


Then the Shiny Butterflies also shared some wonderful words as they gave the graduates their flower gifts.


Finally, a group photo to round off this magical celebration.

And there it is, a fabulous ceremony. We laughed and we cried, but we must remember that graduation is a happy day. A day for both parents and teachers to be proud of the fine young children that the graduates have become.

And with that, we bid you farewell. We’ll see you again next year when we will have more, super fun events!

Take care!

Sunrise Kids International School!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!


2020 has been a tough year for everyone but 2021 is here to bring us new hope and new beginnings. Everyone in Sunrise Kids kicked off 2021 by doing different fun-filled activities!



Starting with the Caterpillars, Littles and Hungries got their hands dirty and sticky with paint and glue making their 2021 memory book!









The Shiny Butterflies had so much fun making their 2021 funky sunglasses! They had to do a lot of cutting and gluing too!








The Flutteries were also very busy writing what they did for their winter holiday and doing a lot of Eiken preparations!







And finally, everyone ended their first month of 2021 with a fun marathon! Here are some of the shots of their run!IMG_1147


IMG_1146 IMG_1148 IMG_1144 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0451




We hope you enjoyed reading about our January! We hope to see you again next month with more fun filled activities!

See you later!

Christmas Day!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Sunrise monthly ‘December’ blog!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! We are so excited to share with you this month’s events and activities! We have to say, December is one of our favorite months, probably because Christmas is in December and it’s our favorite holiday as well.

As the weather gets colder, everyone gets even more excited waiting for Christmas to come! But while everyone is waiting, we did a lot of crafts to help make the school more festive!

The Caterpillars made some Snowman’s hat and Christmas tree

The Caterpillars made some Snowman’s hat and Christmas tree.


The Shiny Butterflies made some Elf hats.

The Shiny Butterflies made some Elf hats.


And the Fluttery butterflies made Santa's hats.

And the Fluttery butterflies made Santa’s hats.


They all were so excited with the flip the cards game. It was fun!

They all were so excited with the flip the cards game. It was fun!


This year, each of our classes has contributed a special Christmas performance and some musical instruments interlude. They all did a great job!






This year, each of our classes has contributed a special Christmas performance and some musical instruments interlude. They all did a great job!

We are more than proud of the students and all that they have done, and so grateful to our team teachers too for their help in organizing and coordinating the Christmas Party.

We are more than proud of the students and all that they have done, and so grateful to our team teachers too for their helps in organizing and coordinating the Christmas Party.

Sincerest thanks for the kindness of ‘Santa’ who has visited Sunrise School this year, and for handing out bunch of presents that have been shared for our lovely students!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!



Hi everyone,

Welcome to our monthly blog of November!

On November we usually celebrate fall, gratitude, crunchy leaves, golden light, and Thanksgiving. And Yes! This time we had the Thanksgiving party!

Even with all the chaos 2020 has presented us with, there is still so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here are to another year of giving thanks for all of the wonderful blessings our Sunrise Kids has experienced.

Music Time! 


For the music time, we chose “I am a pizza”, “Five fat turkeys”, and “Chicken dance” as our monthly songs




We had Bowling and Pin the feathers games. A new perspective on just how grateful we are for the simplest of things to enjoy and celebrate.


Pin The Feathers!




Bowling Game!













The Thanksgiving Dinner!


It’s finally the moment we’d been waiting for. Whether we’re not the one who cooking all day, but we’re honoring the hard-working chefs who made the fabulous mashed potatoes for all of us to have. Thank you!




Thanksgiving Presentation!


The Thanksgiving presentation by the Fluttery kids! While many are still struggling this Thanksgiving, but we hope you all are able to take a moment and practice some gratitude for all the lessons 2020 has brought us. We all have so much to be thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We know this year has been rough, but we see your strength and wish you all the best this Thanksgiving.

October – Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!


Welcome back to the monthly blog of October.


When we think of October, there’s only one event everyone is excited about! And of course, it’s Halloween!

It is the only month when you can see everywhere lots of jack-o-lanterns, spider webs and even monsters! The most special thing in Halloween is that everyone can wear any costumes and can become anything they want to be. It doesn’t need to be scary, you could even be a superhero!


Before the October ended, everyone celebrated Halloween and had a big party altogether. We all played and sang our favorite Halloween songs. And all the Caterpillars, Butterflies and, even the teachers, did a Halloween fashion show and had the chance to walk on the runway and do their scariest or cutest poses!












After the fashion show, we all went to the park and did trick or treating! Everyone was excited to go look for different monsters to get their treats! A lot of parents also joined the party and made all the kids very happy.












Everyone had a blast in the party and doing trick or treating!


I hope you and your family also had a fun and spooky Halloween! See you again next month!


Hello everyone and welcome to our monthly special introduction! This month we had the sports day event for the whole school at the Yokohama Gymnasium



Amazing kids for a Great teamwork!

sports day


This is our group Group Gymnastics! Let’s make a pyramid!


sports day3

It was fantastic!!


sports day4

Are you ready? yes we are!!

sports day5

The Shiny Butterflies did an amazing performance!


Hands in…We did it!




Congratulations for such a great performance! Everyone have been practicing hard for this event. You make us very proud of you!

Teachers and children worked super hard to make this day extra special. Thank you all for coming and helping us on our big event! Everyone did their best to make this event possible. We hope everyone had a great time!


August – Hot Summer Days

Hello Everyone!


Welcome to the monthly blog of August!


As the summer in Japan gets hotter and hotter, everyone here in Sunrise has found ways to enjoy this hot summer.


The Caterpillars celebrated their hot summer by having a Shaved Ice Party!




Everyone enjoyed doing role play for the party. All the Caterpillars got the chance to run their own shop and also serve their friends. They even had their own Sunrise dollar!

Shaved Ice - Hungries




They had blue Hawaii, strawberry, and melon flavors! Everyone loved them!





While the caterpillars were enjoying their shaved ice, the Butterflies were very busy cleaning and sorting their toys and cleaning their classrooms before the summer vacation starts.

IMG_6270 IMG_6274 IMG_6294 IMG_6295

After the summer vacation, the Butterflies were so surprised to come back and see their space crafts hanging in the Sunflower room!

Group Blur



We hope everyone got to enjoy their hot summer this August like everyone did in Sunrise.

See you again next month!

July – Summer Fun!

Hello and welcome to July’s special lesson blog!

It was summer this month so to celebrate the hot days finally arriving Sunrise had a wonderful shaved ice party!
IMG_5974Before we had our shaved ice party, we practice role playing at the school. We were all excited to eat cool and refreshing shaved ice with three delicious flavors. ( strawberry, melon and blue Hawaii).


I’m so excited to eat my strawberry shaved ice!


What can you see under the sea? I can see a fish!


What flavor do you like? Please try our strawberry, melon, blue Hawaii. Enjoy!


Its so yummy! we want more!


I want more shaved ice please!


i love my purple tongue!

We had a great time shoc5wing off how our tongues changed color when we ate the delicious treat – all in all it was a wonderful day that was enjoyed by all!







♥Say hello to our beautiful sunflower garden here at Sunrise school.♥


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