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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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March 2021 – Graduation!

Hello everyone and welcome to the final blog entry for the 2020 school year!

It’s been a year of fun, sadness and everything in between, so let’s hope that the following year can replicate such fantastic times!


As always, our final blog of the year follows the Fluttery Butterflies as they graduate and fly off to elementary school!



And here they are now!


All dressed up for their big day!


You can’t have a graduation ceremony without certificates.


A very proud boy with his graduation certificate.


Many beautiful words were spoken as the graduates delivered their speeches.


Following this, the graduates shared their journey from little caterpillars to B.I.G, Big Butterflies!


I once was two but now I’m three! I’m as big as I can be!


Then the Shiny Butterflies sang their farewell song, “Bye Butterfly.”


Then the Shiny Butterflies also shared some wonderful words as they gave the graduates their flower gifts.


Finally, a group photo to round off this magical celebration.

And there it is, a fabulous ceremony. We laughed and we cried, but we must remember that graduation is a happy day. A day for both parents and teachers to be proud of the fine young children that the graduates have become.

And with that, we bid you farewell. We’ll see you again next year when we will have more, super fun events!

Take care!

Sunrise Kids International School!

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