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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Lesson & Events


Hello and welcome to the final special lesson blog for this year – and Mr. Martin’s final blog as a Sunrise teacher!

Well, it being March there was only one thing that this blog could be about – graduation! The Fluttery Butterflies prepared well all through March towards their final, special day. They learned their speeches, the practiced the songs (in English and in Japanese!) and they learned where to stand and, most importantly, how to sit nicely! It was a wonderful day for everyone involved and all the Sunrise teachers would like to thank the parents who came along to make the day so special.

We’d also like to give a special big thank you to the parents for the events they planned after the official graduation ceremony. The quiz, songs, and improvised dancing (thank you Ishin!) was lots and lots of fun.

And from me, Mr Martin, I would like to thank the parents, teachers and of course Sunrise Kids who made the last three years so memorable. I wish you all the best for the future.

The boys  before they go out!

The boys before they go out!

The flutteries with their program!

The flutteries with their program!

The graduating class and their teachers!

The graduating class and their teachers!

The stage is set!

The stage is set!

Receiving our certificates!

Receiving our certificates!

We're so proud of you!

We’re so proud of you!

We practiced our speeches a lot!

We practiced our speeches a lot!

B-I-G I'm big!

B-I-G I’m big!

The shinies have prepared something special too!

The shinies have prepared something special too!

We love you!

We love you!

Flower road!

Flower road!

Ms Mina says goodbye!

Ms Mina says goodbye!

Quiz time!

Quiz time!



Hello everyone and welcome to our special blog for February. Performance day is a big event in Sunrise. The students practice hard and do their best. The students were very excited, full of positive energy and strong motivation on the actual performance!





The Caterpillars love to enjoy this wonderful sound of music using their instruments. Well done on a fantastic performance!

HC-Mickey mouse


What a brilliant performance Hungry Caterpillars!



Wonderful performance from Fluttery Butterflies!
Beautiful costume and Beautiful dancing! These kids are really talented.


The costume were amazing! Everyone did an amazing dance and so much talent!

Everything was fantastic ! We love it!

Thank you for all the effort and hard work It was absolutely amazing! All the teachers are so proud of you!

Thank you all for coming on our Performance day. This year’s event was outstanding! The students were great and they really enjoyed being part of it. We hope everyone had a great time watching all the students wonderful performance. We look forward to see the next one

Annual Sunrise Marathon!

Hello everyone and welcome to the special lesson blog for January!

This month had a big focus on fitness, exercise and friendship as we geared up for our annual Sunrise marathon! There were lots of practice runs at the park and all the hard work culminated in a spectacular event held at Okano Park. So with that, how about we see some pictures from the day.

IMG_0163 2

Ready… Set… Goooo! Of the Flutteries go for their four lap race!

IMG_0167 2

Go Hungries! Two laps under way!


The Littles prepare for an intense lap! And gooo!


Whizzing around the corner!


Fantastic technique!


Don’t give up!


You’ve almost made it!


Congratulations! You finished!


The three Fluttery champions!


The three Shiny champions!


The three Hungry champions!


The three Little champions!


One final group photo to finish the day! Congratulations everyone for all your hard work!

And thank you to all the parents who came and cheered! It was a wonderful day and we look forward to next year’s race! Happy running everyone!

Christmas Party!





We are all excited for our Christmas Party!

All I want for Christmas is  S.A.N.T.A



We are all ready to sing Deck the halls with our hand bells



We want to build a snowman.. (*_*)


We flip the card and it was fun!


cute little SANTA..




We did flip the card game and it was fun!



Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!


Dear Santa,

What present do you want for Christmas?


I love you  Santa! Merry Christmas!


We love you SANTA! Thank you for the presents!

We hope everyone had fun ! Thank you all for coming and Have a wonderful Christmas to everyone and all good wishes to a happy ,healthy and fun  New Year! A special thanks to Santa Clause for coming to visit us,even though Santa is busy getting ready for Christmas he loves reading each and every message. We want to give a big thanks to our students (Fluttery butterfly, Shiny butterfly, Hungry and Little Caterpillars). We are so proud of you!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year!


During the month of November Americans celebrate how the English travelled to America and encountered strife before being rescued by the native Indians and subsequently taking the land for themselves. This is the holiday of Thanksgiving. We decided to celebrate this holiday too in which families gather together and have a big feast as a reminder for what the native Indians gifted their ancestors.



Cutting and sticking, but what are they making?


A black hat and an orange mouth, what could it be?


It’s a kid, wearing a turkey, wearing a pilgrim hat!


A colour by number turkey. That looks like fun!


Playing a game of pin the feather on the turkey!


A little caterpillar helping a fluttery butterfly!


Getting ready for a big Thanksgiving feast.


I’m hungry, where’s the turkey?


Would you like some melon soda?

IMG_8259 (2)

Eating a real feast!



A fantastic game of turkey bowling!


I got a strike!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


And that was our Thanksgiving party! We made hats, we played games and we had a big feast to top it all off!

We hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations and we look forward to having the Christmas party next month!


Hello and welcome to this week’s monthly special lesson blog!


Well, there could only be one thing this month is about – Halloween! On Thursday this week Sunrise had our scary, scary Halloween party! Everyone dressed up in their wonderful costumes and had a wonderful fashion parade. Then we went down to Okano park where, helped by some wonderfully kind parents, we had a fantastic stamp rally. There, the Sunrise kids also got some delicious treats and fun toys to play with.


All-in-all it was a brilliant day for everyone. We especially would like to thank the parents and friends who helped us out on the big day. Your help is truly appreciated!

The fun begins!

The fun begins!



Little red riding hood!

Little red riding hood!

Ready for battle!

Ready for battle!

Too cute!

Too cute!

A beautiful princess!

A beautiful princess!



It can be a little scary sometimes!

It can be a little scary sometimes!

The fashion parade!

The fashion parade!





Getting stamps from friendly parents!

Getting stamps from friendly parents!

Fun at the park!

Fun at the park!

Our parade attracted lots of attention!

Our parade attracted lots of attention!

Back at school having a delicious lunch!

Back at school having a delicious lunch!

Sports day!

Hello everyone and welcome to our monthly special introduction for September!This month we had the sports day event for the whole school at the Yokohama Gymnasium.


Sunrise International School sports day banner! All face portrait drawn and painted by the kids and teachers


Let’s get started!!


This is our Group Gymnastics ! This is how we do it! Great Teamwork for this wonderful group centipede stunt.


Learning and mastering the pyramid is a great to practice with these amazing kids!


IMG_6141 IMG_6199

Thank you all for coming and helping us on our big event! The smiles on your faces really means so much to us.


You nailed it! Your dance was really fantastic.

Welcome to the world of gymnastics! This is just the beginning but kids are ready for this fun and challenging task.
Thank you everyone for coming and helping us in this big event. Teachers and children worked super hard to make this day extra special. We want to give thanks to the parents who volunteered to help us arrange the events we really appreciate it. Also, we would like to give thanks for all the good and great parents who inspire their children to show great act of sportsmanship. We hope everyone had a great time!


Summer Pool Time!

Hello everyone and welcome to the monthly blog for August!

It’s been a very busy month with seasonal school and summer school but we found enough time to get outside and have some splashing good fun! Which brings us onto the topic for this month, POOL TIME!

Yes, we had a heap of fun playing in the pool and simply playing with water. So let’s get right into it.


The older kids first tried jumping over a bar. This was to provide confidence when getting wet and to improve jumping ability.


This exercise really caused a splash with everyone!


But then they tried swimming UNDER the bar! A little more challenging, but much more rewarding.


Some managed to swim even in such shallow water!


The caterpillars also had some serious fun with all the toys!


And the little caterpillars LOVED getting the teachers wet!


These Renaissance lessons gave the Shiny Butterflies all the skills they needed for our Sunrise pool days.


And hopefully they can be put to use outside of the school too.



Even the seasonal school kids had a blast getting drenched splashing away!


Well that concludes our summer, Sunrise story for this month. It was busy, but exceptionally fun! Throw in the summer holiday and that is a recipe for best month of the year! We hope you had as much fun as we did and look forward to September!

Shaved Ice Party!

Hello and welcome to this month’s special lesson blog!


It was summer this month so to celebrate the hot days finally arriving Sunrise had a wonderful shaved ice party! Before the big day we practiced hard on what to say and how to ask for some shaved ice. But not only that, we also learned a little bit about shopping and how to buy things.


Then, the big day rolled around! We were all able to eat some cool and refreshing shaved ice with a choice of three delicious flavors (blue Hawaii, melon and strawberry.) We had a great time showing off how our tongues changed color when we ate the delicious treat – all in all it was a wonderful day that was enjoyed by all!



We’re learning how to shop!


Two buddies at play!

The caterpillars are learning well!

The caterpillars are learning well!

We can't wait for the real thing!

We can’t wait for the real thing!

I love shaved ice!

I love shaved ice!



Do you like our shop?

Do you like our shop?

Shaved ice is delicious!

Shaved ice is delicious!

Would you like some shaved ice?

Would you like some shaved ice?

Look at my tongue!

Look at my tongue!

It's delicious!

It’s delicious!

Shaved ice, shaved ice, cold and sweet!

Shaved ice, shaved ice, cold and sweet!

Yummy, yummy!

Yummy, yummy!

So sweet!

So sweet!

Too tasty!

Too tasty!

I love melon flavor!

I love melon flavor!

My tongue is purple!

My tongue is purple!

Shaved ice is awesome!

Shaved ice is awesome!

Father’s Day!

Hello and Welcome to June special blog!

Happy Father’s day to the coolest dad out there! Father’s day is a very special day. That is why we make sure to celebrate this day with a special gift. How can we surprise them? We are going to make necktie!



This is a nice necktie for daddy!


I hope my dad will like my MASTER PIECE.


Look! This is my daddy’s face.

I love him and he loves me too and daddy is his name-o. D-A-D-D-Y !










We had fun making a very special present for our fathers who mean so much to us. Thanks for being in all of my favorite memories! I love you from the bottom of my heart.


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