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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Lesson & Events

Lesson & Events


Hello and welcome to this month’s special lesson!

Well, being October, there’s only one thing that the lesson could be about – Halloween! This month at Sunrise has been a fun-filled affair with a healthy dash of spookiness thrown in for good measure! Everyone at the school has had a huge amount of fun making ghosts, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and zombies. We’ve decorated the school in all manner of creatures and had a brilliant time singing and performing a whole host of Halloween songs. We’ve also talked about what some of our favourite monsters are and learned about some spooky locations too. The Fluttery Butterflies have had a great time writing their own spooky Halloween story set right here at Sunrise while the Shinies wrote a story featuring lots of creepy creatures.

The month’s work cumulated in fantastic day of Halloween events. A spooky fashion parade was followed by a brilliant time at Okano park for some very tasty trick-or-treating. We’d like to give a big shout-out to all the parents and volunteers who came along to help – you made the day a truly memorable one! We’d also like to thank the students for their creativity and enthusiasm. Your costumes were brilliant!

Some of our spooky and fun costumes!

Some of our spooky and fun costumes!

A ninja... with a special friend lurking in the background.

A ninja… with a special friend lurking in the background.

A beautiful witch and a beautiful princess!

A beautiful witch and a beautiful princess!

Mr Dark (or Mr Justin as he's more commonly known!) might have met his match in Jack Sparrow!

Mr Dark (or Mr Justin as he’s more commonly known!) might have met his match in Jack Sparrow!

It's hard to work out who's cuter - the cat or the princess!

It’s hard to work out who’s cuter – the cat or the princess!



The fashion parade begins!

The fashion parade begins!

Deadpool makes an appearance!

Deadpool makes an appearance!

Gudetama crawled out of bed to join the show!

Gudetama crawled out of bed to join the show!

Harry Potter casts a spell!

Harry Potter casts a spell!

That's one happy taco!

That’s one happy taco!

Kiki being cuter than ever!

Kiki being cuter than ever!

That's one slick wizard!

That’s one slick wizard!

The world's cutest witch!

The world’s cutest witch!

The competition for who can be cutest is heating up!

The competition for who can be cutest is heating up!

Spiderman is here to save the day!

Spiderman is here to save the day!

Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood!



A cute little bumblebee!

A cute little bumblebee!

A great big heart!

A great big heart!

Mario bouncing his way up the runway!

Mario bouncing his way up the runway!

Possibly our winner for the cutest pose of the day!

Possibly our winner for the cutest pose of the day!

On our way for some trick-or-treating fun!

On our way for some trick-or-treating fun!

Trick or TREAT!!!

Trick or TREAT!!!

Having fun with all the family friends!

Having fun with all the family friends!

Having fun with Mr Justin!

Having fun with Mr Justin!

More trick or treating!

More trick or treating!

Showing off our stamp cards - everyone did very well finding out how to get all those stamps!

Showing off our stamp cards – everyone did very well finding out how to get all those stamps!

The whole school had a great day!

The whole school had a great day!

We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the parents and volunteers who gave their time to make it such a special day. It was truly a wonderful event and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

But that’s all for this month! Thank you for taking the time to read our Halloween blog – we hope you enjoyed it!

Sports day!

Hello everyone and welcome to our monthly, special lesson introduction for September!

This month saw us hold the sports day event for the whole school at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium and what a spectacular event it was! We saw the fast, the strong, the athletic and cunning in this fun-filled and action-packed day of events!


The sports day banner! All faces drawn and painted by the kids and teachers.



A fantastic group photo before the opening ceremony.



All lined and ready to start the introductions.



Ebi and kani, a favourite among everyone at Sunrise!


The foot race, an age-old test of speed!



Check out those dance moves by the fluttery butterflies!



See those leis swing with the choreographed steps!



Cat, cat, what do you like? Hint, he liked mice!



It required great skill to finish our dangerous obstacle course!



Those football skills are just magical!



Getting ready for the relay race!



Awesome dancing from the mums, dads and little caterpillars.



Now that was an incredibly, competitive tug of war!



One of the many poses in the amazing, group gymnastics session!



That is some seriously, frantic ball tossing!



I’m almost certain there is supposed to be TWO people running in this race!



More furious competition in the parents relay race!



Here it is, the final group photo! Thank you to everyone in this photo that made this sports day the spectacular event that it was. The children who worked super hard to both be ready for their events and for making the flags you see in the background as well as the entrance and exit pillars. Also the parents who both competed, cheered for their children and volunteered to help arrange the events. The teachers for arranging and helping the children get ready. But also a thank you for the staff at the gymnasium who were very accommodating.


So thank you all once again and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Summer Cleaning!

It’s summer time which means two things. Firstly, it’s time to head to the beach, eat some shaved ice, and have lots of fun! But secondly, as just as importantly, summer time means cleaning time. So before Sunrise closed for the summer holidays, all the students and staff worked together to make Sunrise sparkle! Everyone, from the smallest caterpillar to the biggest butterfly, worked hard to clean and improve their classrooms and play areas! It was lots of fun and everyone did a grand job!


Cleaning the top and bottom of our chairs!


Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!


All the caterpillars worked very hard!


Cute cleaning!


Our Fluttery Butterflies cleaned well too!


Cleaning all our toys!


Cleaning the walls.


Cleaning the rails.


Racing across the floor!


Making our toys sparkle!


Pulling tape off the floor.


Having fun while cleaning!


Cleaning the windows!


Having fun while the cleaning!


We all had a brilliant time cleaning our school. It was a wonderful team effort from everyone and the results really showed. We hope you all had a wonderful, peaceful and safe summer break!

Father’s Day!

During the month of June we have been focusing on learning about our family members and especially about the head of the family – our fathers!  We talked about and discovered the things that our fathers do for us, learned how to tie a Windsor knot and constructed a wonderful father’s day present. We’ve worked hard and transformed some regular milk cartons into a beautiful photo and pen stand which we decorated using lots of creativity. We hope that all the Sunrise Kids Dad’s had a very happy father’s day and we hope they enjoyed their presents as much as we enjoyed making them!


Learning how to tie a Windsor knot!


With our finished ties! Just like Daddy!


Having fun pretending to be our Dad’s


Turning our milk cartons into presents.


Having fun making a present for Dad!


Almost done!


With the finished products!

We had a wonderful time learning about our father’s, tying Windsor knots and making a very special present for our fathers who mean so much to us. We thank all the Dad’s out there for all the hard work they do for us – you’re all very special indeed!


Spring is passing by like leaves in the wind and summer is almost upon us. So here at Sunrise, we decided that this would be the perfect time to plant some seeds and grow our own crops!



Here are some eager kids waiting to plant some seeds!


But first we have to decorate our plant pots!


Look how colourful the plant pots are!


Then we filled our pots with some soil.


Popped in some seeds.


Gave the soil a sprinkling of fertiliser.


And finished with some water.


There were so many seeds planted!


Using trowels to put soil into a big plant pot.


Then we got grubby fingers when we put the seeds in!


All in all, it was a fun-filled month with everyone planting their own seeds!

Please take a look on the front terrace to see how your plants are growing. And don’t forget to water them every morning with two watering cans of water.

Thank you very much everyone and happy growing!

Koinobori, Boys’ Day!

Hello there and welcome to our special lesson blog. This month has seen us do many things, but it was learning about Boys’ Day and making carp streamers which stole the show!


Here are the Fluttery Butterflies having an outside lesson to start their carp streamer craft.


They drew various shapes and pictures onto paper using coloured pens…


Dipped them into water…


Then hanged them out to dry, ready for the next step!


Decorating their carp.


Putting it all together and…


Completing their carp streamers!


The Catterpillars used a fun painting technique with some jelly cups.


They also stuck on the carp’s eye.


And this was the result! An absolutely marvelous, Koinobori display.


The Shiny Butterflies drew some great crests.


Many different colours and shapes for their family crests.


They then chose the streamer colours for their “fukinagashi.”


Then painted their crests (the pictures were crayon so the paint dispersed and didn’t cover them!

When it had all been put together…


…A beautiful Carp streamer had been made!


So there you have it, everyone! Thank you so much for joining us and we hope you had fun seeing how we made our incredible, Koinobori carp streamers!


Sunrise Graduation Ceremony!

It was a very emotional month here at Sunrise both with the Graduation ceremony, sending our Fluttery Butterflies off to elementary school, witnessing the end of a long stay by one of our long term student and Mr. Anand also leaving Sunrise Yokohama to join the Sunrise school in Tokyo. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a sad day, it was a joyous occasion seeing many new starts for many familiar faces.


This is one of our students being given a farewell sendoff by all of his friends.


Here’s one of our Fluttery Butterflies receiving their Graduation Certificate.


The Flutteries singing with their B.I.G, big and beautiful voices!


They each, also gave a fantastic speech, telling the story of their lives at Sunrise!


The Caterpillars and Shiny Butterflies singing a beautiful, goodbye song for the Fluttery Butterflies.


The Fluttery Butterflies were then presented with a gift from their younger class members.


The teachers were then given a big surprise when the parents presented a gift to them! A wonderful photo album and collage!


We were then given a beautiful show from the Fluttery Butterflies when they sang the song “Farewell My Beloved Kindergarten.”


Then we ALL sang our Sunrise song!


We took funny photos…


And beautiful photos…


Then lovely Graduates photos.


So there it is, ladies and gentleman. Our Graduation was a success and we are all so proud of how far the Graduates have come since starting here at Sunrise.


Time For (Valentine) Chocolates!

Hello everyone!  Did you have a Happy Valentine’s Day?  We certainly did here at Sunrise!  We have been practicing hard for the big Dance and Drama Fest, but Valentine’s Day gave us the perfect opportunity to give the kids a little break…and have fun at the same time!  In fact, this is one of our favourite lessons of the year!

So what did we do?  Let me give you a hint…IMG_2546

Not enough?  Here’s another IMG_2560

Looks like Mr. Steven is dipping some chocolates!!  That’s right, we made some chocolates with out Sunrise Kids!  The kids watched patiently as we portioned out the  chocolate.IMG_2563

And then the dipping began!


The older kids were a little more patient and were able to line up and pick the treats they wanted.


Some of their creations looked pretty yummy!


And of course, heart-shaped Genji pies were perfect for the occasion!IMG_2602

One hope they are going to give some of those chocolates away!


Of course…it would be cruel to make all that yummy stuff without letting them eat a little!IMG_2643

Thankfully, the kids love chocolate, but not THAT much…..

Can we make chocolates for White Day…………?

Performance day practice.

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special lesson blog! In February, we will have our performance day and it is fast approaching so all the kids have been hard at work, practicing to deliver the best show ever!


The Shiny Butterflies have been working on a dance with batons!


The Fluttery Butterflies have been practicing a dance to go with a popular song called, “Better When I’m Dancing.”


And the Caterpillars have a special, Disney Dance for the Mickey March!

We don’t want to give everything away as it won’t be much of a surprise, but you can look forward to all the dancing and singing in a few more weeks!


Here are the Flutteries working on a few of the props for their performance.


Here are the Caterpillars working on a prop for their production! We won’t tell you what it is, but it’s bright and opens up our Caterpillars’ play!

As fun as the practicing has been, we’d all be pretty tired if that’s all we did. So to break up the weeks, the Caterpillars have been learning about opposites (big and small, fast and slow) while playing games and the Butterflies learned all about different states of matter; solid, liquid and gas.


So here are the Caterpillars playing an “opposites memory game” where each friend had one card and their opposite was hidden. They had to guess which card had their opposite, when they did, they won!


Here are the Butterflies learning that, when cold “solid” ice becomes warm, it melts and turns to “liquid” water. We couldn’t heat the water, but they learned that it will be a gas when pushed to 100 degrees!

So there you have it, guys! We have had a very busy month, but it will be even more special when our team shows their skills in the performance day!


Getting ready for Christmas!

Hello everyone, it’s time for another special lesson intro!  We do a lot of crafts as part of our education at Sunrise.  Here are some of the crafts we made in preparation for the big Christmas Party at Sunrise!


We always make some hats for the kids at Sunrise.  This year the Caterpillar class (2-3 y/o) made elf hats.


The cut out all the pieces and (with a little help) made them, which was great scissor practice.



And the Butterflies made Santa hats!


They painted them…


Added Santa’s body (think Disneyland)…


And then we added some cotton!

The Butterflies also made some musical instruments…some Jingle bell snowmen!


They sewed them together very carefully.  The Shiny class (4 y/o) used yarn…but the Fluttery class (5 y/o) used a needle and thread!  Some of them were amazing at it! We drew on some faces, added a hat and tied on some bells!




The Caterpillars made some really nice Christmas trees.  The cut the green paper and added the stickers by themselves!



Finally…time for the Christmas party!  Everyone put on your hats!


And of course, for our Christmas party the kids practiced some songs.  The Caterpillars sang Jingle Bells and then did an instrumental to “Deck the Halls” with bells and castanets.


The Butterflies practiced very hard too.  They sang “Must be Santa” and “Frosty the Snowman”  Aha!  That’s why we needed those snowmen!


After that we played a fun winter game called “Flip the cards”.  The green team had to make all of the cards green.  The red team had to make all of the cards red…It was an intense competition!


Finally, after the kids went to the bathroom they sat down…and found a letter from Santa…it said to call his name…

I think they heard something…they were really excited…and suddenly….


Santa came!!



The kids had a lot of questions for him.


And…he had lots of presents for our kids!  Naturally, the kids were happy!IMG_9821

Merry Christmas everyone!


It was a busy month, but it was worth it!

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