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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Lesson & Events

Shaved Ice for Everyone!

Hello everyone!  I hope you guys are keeping cool in the summer, because we have certainly had some hot days…we have plenty of ways to keep cool.  Sometimes we splash in the pool…


But every so often we like to do something special….we have tons of fun making shaved ice!  The kids get excited every year when we bring out the shaved ice machine.  But before we do that, we always practice serving each other with a few role-plays.  First we had a little barbecue…


And using the same kind of format, practiced with “shaved ice” made out of tissue…


And finally we had the big day!  Naturally, when it comes to making something to eat, washing hands comes first.


From there we had some kids help serve the others…some handed out plates…


Another served the ice (with a little help…)


Another friend poured the syrup…


And we can’t forget the best part…the eating!


A day of shaved ice brings lots of smiles…


and colorful tongues!


Needless to say, it is one of my favorite days as a teacher too!  I hope that you guys have found a good way to keep cool, but I have a feeling we have found the best :)

Until next time!

Mr. Anand

Sunrise Kids International School

The Wonderful World of Water

Hello everyone, At Sunrise we always try and include a little science in our lessons.  This month’s theme is “Under the Sea”, so it was a no-brainer that we would learn about the science of water!   There are a lot of different ways we can experiment with water, but we tried a few new things this year.

The Caterpillars tried to use water to make some art.  IMG_6605

Water is always great for making art, but we can do some great stuff if we add soap!  We mixed a little bubble soap with paint and water…and started making bubbles!


The kids we surprised to see the different marks bubbles can make on water.  They kept going and going…


Dip, dip, dip,


Pop, pop, pop…




Bubble art is so much fun!

The Butterflies took a little more scientific approach.  We learned all about the “skin” on water.  It has a special name…


Surface tension allows us to do all sorts of cool experiments!

The kids tried to use surface tension to float objects on the water.


Some were harder than others…


We also learned about breaking surface tension using soap.  First we sprinkled some pepper on some water…


And then we dropped some soap on it!  The kids were shocked at the results!


Finally we looked at a few interesting properties of water.  Like how it doesn’t mix with oil…


Even if you stir it up!


That is…unless you add soap!


Soap allows the water and oil to mix!  Aha!  That’s why we use soap to clean up!

Once we understand a few things about water, we can understand a lot about how the world works!

And understanding is what Sunrise is all about!

Until next time!

What time is it?

Hello everyone!  Did you know that in Japan we celebrate “Toki no kinenbi” every July 10th?  It’s a significant day which celebrate the 1st water clock in Japan.  Google it when you get the chance and you’ll find out a little bit out the importance of the day.  Of course, with a day devoted to time, it’s a great chance to learn about telling the time!  As a result, we learned a little bit about how to read a clock.

The Caterpillar class learned about different parts of the day


What do we do in the morning?  What do we do in the afternoon?

We also practiced telling the time using our “dengon” game.


We also played “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” in the park!


These are some great ways to practice time!

Of course, the best way to learn about clocks and time is to really get into it with a craft!

The Caterpillars made some sunshine clocks with their teachers.


Some even tried cutting themselves!


The older kids cut some cups…what are they making?


Does it make a little more sense now?


How about now?


We added a nice face plate (the kids drew the numbers).


Add  some hands, and look at what you have!  Some very nice and useful watches!


The kids always want to wear them and love learning about the time!

Toki no kinenbi is not exactly this biggest day of the year, but it does help us think about time, which plays a big part in everyone’s lives!

See you next month!

Planting at Sunrise!  


Hello everyone, the days are getting hotter and hotter, which means that we get to do one of our favorite projects at Sunrise.  It’s time for planting!  We have been having lots of fun learning about how a seed grows.


One of the ways we learn is through songs – one of our favorites is “Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow”, which you can check out here


We also do lots of fun crafts.  The Caterpillar class (2 and 3 y/o) made a beautiful display in our Sunflower Room with water, sunshine, soil and flowers complete with petals, stems, leaves and roots.


After plenty of hype we had our planting days just last week.  The Caterpillar class planted some morning glories and the Butterfly class (4 and 5 y/o) planted edamame beans.


First we explained what we were going to do (the kids were excited!)…


Then we made groups…


The Butterflies decorated their pots..

.IMG_5834 IMG_5828


Next we scooped the soil…


After that we poked some holes in the soil…


We planted the seeds….


And then we added some water…

IMG_5785 IMG_5856

And there you have it!  Planting day is always lots of fun, and we were lucky enough to have great weather on both days.


But that is just the beginning, of course.  The real lesson is in taking care of our plants – giving them lots of water and sunshine.  If we are lucky, we are going to have a beautiful garden!


We have lots of other activities planned throughout the year, but that will do it for this edition of our blog!  Keep reading!


Mr. Anand

Soccer Lesson

Soccer lesson  at YokohamaFC Higashitotsuka football Park on 22nd of April

IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0058 IMG_0052

Easter Egg Hunt – The Sunrise Easter Party!

Every year in April, we have and Easter week leading up to an Easter event on the 15th.  This year was no different and was the culmination of many different crafts and activities.

We started in the morning, by putting on our Easter bunny hats.


Then we turned into bunnies as we hopped along to the song “Little Peter Rabbit”.


Then we moved to separate rooms to set up the Easter Egg Hunt…everyone’s favorite event!


First we hid the eggs.  The Caterpillar class (2-3 y/o) his eggs for the Butterfly class (4-5 y/o) and vice versa.


Then we got our baskets!  The Caterpillar classes spent the week decorating the baskets and drawing a cute rabbit on the side.


The Fluttery Butterflies (5 y/o) weaved their baskets out of paper and the Shiny Butterflies (4 y/o) made theirs out of paper plates.

We switched rooms and…IMG_5449

We hunted for eggs!  They were inside boxes, on window sills, behind curtains…IMG_5467

…and some were way up high!


The kids all came together and counted their eggs.


But wait….some eggs had things inside them!


The pieces all made a puzzle!


Ah!  A rabbit!!  But what is our Sunrise Kid reading?


Oh!! There’s a letter on the back!  There is a present waiting in the entrance??  Better check it out!


A basket!  A chick!  A letter!


Lucky us!  Easter candy!


Our kids love to help serve each other!  She’s no different!


Yahoo!  A reward for a job well done!


Happy Easter!!

Farewell, My Beloved Kindergarten…Graduation Day

Hello everyone, this is Ms. Kari with my last blog. Today I will be going to talk about graduation. Today was our second graduation ceremony at Sunrise Kids for the Fluttery Butterfly class. There were lots of tears but also lots of smiles as well. The Flutteries worked really hard during this path month rehearsing and memorizing lots of things for the ceremony.

They learned how to enter nicely.


How to receive certificates properly.


How to recite their speech and play.


And also how to sing for their farewell song.


The Caterpillar and Shiny classes also had lots of things prepared for the Flutteries including a song…




and a flower road…


The ceremony was filled with lots of flowers especially Sakura, the popular symbol for graduations in Japan.


It was a very nice combination of Japanese and Western traditions for graduation. There were even lots of surprises from our parents and kids with lots of presents.


I will never forget this past year with the Flutteries. May you all find much success on your new journey.


Happy Valentine’s Day – Making chocolates, spreading love!

Hello everyone, we had a wonderful February! We learned plenty of different kinds of English, but no February is complete without a look at Valentine’s Day! There is a lot of love at Sunrise, so the kids took to Valentine’s Day immediately. It didn’t hurt that we also made lots of chocolate!

The Caterpillar class had lots of fun dipping pretzels, bread sticks and marshmallows into melted chocolate then dipping them into sprinkles! We couldn’t get them to stop! It’s a good thing we brought a lot of stuff, because even though it’s nice to give chocolates on Valentine’s Day, it’s just as fun to eat!

And of course, after some hard work, nothing beats licking some chocolatey fingers!

The Caterpillars weren’t the only ones who had fun with chocolates though! The Butterflies got right in to it with some yummy creations of their own.

Mr. Matt introduced the Shiny Butterflies to the wonderful world of s’mores. Basically, a s’more is melted chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers. It’s a very popular campfire snack, but just as yummy at Valentine’s Day. It also makes a wonderful mess (and creates a lot of smiles too).

Naturally, they make a few for their friends, but nothing made them happier than getting to eat one for themselves!

As always, the Flutteries got extra artistic for their chocolates, as Ms. Kari had them shape chocolatey rice krispies into hearts.

The kids had no idea what to expect when Ms. Kari started pouring the marshmallow-y batter on to the rice krispies, but we pleasantly surprised when they realized they could mold their own chocolates!

They were even happier when they realized they could add some sprinkles and more melted chocolate!

But of course, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without a card exchange and an exchange of kind words and hugs. The Shiny Butterflies and the Caterpillars made cards for each other while the Flutteries made cards to take home after carefully writing a message.

Of course, you always have a few shy kids…

All in all, it was a fun-packed week and the kids had plenty of goodies to show for it! So from all of us at Sunrise, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

New Year Pop Up Card

It’s 2016! What better way to celebrate the New Year than with fireworks. Fireworks, originally made in China, are now a way for people all around the world to join in the festivities for the new year. The first use of fireworks were in China in the 7th Century. They were used to scare away evil spirits. The invention of fireworks was probably an accident when black powder was thrown into fire. The chemical reactions from certain powders produce colors and resembled flowers. This is why in Japanese and Chinese the English translation is ‘fire flower’. Because of the beauty of fireworks, this culture from China has spread across the world. Especially in America, we are quite fond of using fireworks to celebrate. In fact the first use of fireworks in the United States were on July 4th, 1777. To this day we continue to use fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. Americans began using fireworks to celebrate New Years was brought by the first immigrants of China. In today’s modern age, we have shared many cultures within America and fireworks during New Year’s Eve and Day is a favorite of Americans. Even in school, we always have some kind of interesting craft to make during this time whether it’s using straws to blow paint to look like fireworks or making your own cracker to use to ring in the new year.

For this craft we made a pop up card. A pop up card is basically a card in which you open that pops up at you. For this we used paint, construction paper, crayons and a fork!

Start off with glue, a geometric printout and black construction paper.

Glue the print out onto the black construction paper and cut out the outside.

Fold all the lines printed onto the the white side of the pop up firework.

Fold everything closed and glue sides onto opposite sides of a card.

Once the glue dries open the card and…

Ta-da! Decorate with the prong ends of the fork to make firework images. Also decorate with crayons or anything else you have on hand.

Let’s see how the kids did!


Scratching the paint with the prongs also produces good results.

That's not how you use a fork!

They have to think about how to make the patterns look nice!

The kids really enjoyed painting with such a strange tool. They are used to painting with paintbrushes, but it was great for them to learn that you can use just about any medium to make art! I hope you try this at home as well. Not only forks but with all kinds of materials! Let’s be creative!

Sunrise Culture – Celebrating Christmas, the Western way!

Sunrise Culture – Celebrating Christmas, the Western way!


As Sunrise is indeed an International school, we feel it best to not only celebrate holidays from around the world, but also to incorporate these traditions into our lesson plans. As Christmas is one of the most popular, well known, and widely celebrated holidays in the world; we enjoy teaching the children not only about how we can celebrate this holiday, but also about its history and origins.

One of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas is of course the Christmas tree. All of our classes had an opportunity to experience setting up and decorating our two Sunrise Christmas trees, learning about their meanings and about the ornaments, tinsel, and star.



Tinsel garland is draped across the tree in order to replicate the appearance of freshly fallen snow!



Our two completed Christmas trees along with the Butterfly class and its teachers!



Once the children have learned about Santa Claus and his origins through class lessons, we introduced another time tested tradition that is the writing of a letter to Santa Claus. Here we can see one of our students practicing their writing skills while also writing the very own message to Santa!



A normal letter might be lacking in pizzazz we decided to make our letters extra special with handmade decorations and adornments!



Similarly to most schools in the West, no Christmas celebration would be complete without having a Christmas Party. Here we can see our Little Caterpillar class decorating Christmas tree cards for our Red vs. Green “Flip-the-Card” game!



One of our methods of teaching includes the use of song and presentation, our classes had the opportunity to make festive hats, learn traditional Christmas holiday songs, and then present them to their fellow classmates! Here we can see the Caterpillar class singing “Little Snowflake” to the Butterfly class.



While the Butterfly class was able to sing a medley of “Winter Wonderland” & “Let It Snow”, along with “Happy Christmas” to the Caterpillar class.



Of course, no Christmas party would be the same without a visit from Santa Claus himself, bringing cheer and presents for all the good Sunrise boys and girls. Merry Christmas everyone!

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